Hello! Now that I know I’ve probably taken the last WordPress username known to man, let’s get started!

I’ve posted lots of content in other places (ie – forums, newsgroups, etc…), but this is my first blog! I really hope you will take the time to read as I share my interests and open opinions about various technologies or technology related topics.

I am hopeful that my blog is unique to this community, and especially to the larger community (the www). There are lots of self proclaimed technology experts out there, but if you’ve been out there browsing reviews as much as I have, you probably share some of the same thoughts. I have recently felt an obligation to write them down!

Am I a technology expert? Maybe. Have I ever written any piece of content that would validate my credentials as anything close to it? No. Do technology experts exist? I’m not sure. There are a lot of opinions out there, but I haven’t found the person that I would want to have the final say in all things technology related.

I am an expert in my field, but am not here to discuss the details of what I do. That’s not why I’m here. In fact, I’m here to discuss everything but. I spend enough time talking shop at work, and do not want my blog to reflect who I am between 12 – 8PM, Monday – Friday (EST). Yes, nice hours, eh?

I’ve been all over the internet, and started at a relatively young age. I am 27 years old, and only divulge this because it is probably relevant for readers to really be able to critique/understand my thoughts.

I started using the internet regularly when I was 11 years old, and quickly became interested in a larger community. I was in to hardware, software, and anything technology related. I used to troll IRC chat rooms for the opportunity to chime in with some unique position on anything technology related. I became an operator in a help channel (chat room), and learned a great deal about all kinds of different technologies and practices.

Back then (I know, it wasn’t terribly long ago…but from an evolution perspective of the internet, it really was!!), conversations lasted in chat rooms. Folks would not give 1/2 answers (a la <insert forum name here>), chime in with negative/racists remarks when they didn’t understand something (a la YouTube), or give answers that were nothing more than outright guesses (a la Yahoo! Answers). I picked up endless amounts of information about programming, hardware/software troubleshooting, you name it, I was interested in it. From an “experience” perspective, it was probably the largest contributor to my professional career in technology.

I recognize there are all kinds of “techies” out there, and I even hesitate to use the word since it does not reveal much about a persons interests or expertise. There are those who are self-taught, those who pursued a technical degree at a community or state college (ie – Computer Engineering/Science, MIS, IT, etc..), those who pursued a “high power” technical degree at a school like M.I.T, and those who participated in some/all of the above.

For the aspiring technologist looking for information about which path to take, let me touch on this briefly. I know many brilliant and successful people from each one of those walks mentioned above, and I have no opinion on which one is better than the other. Probably because no one is better than the other. I’m not going to say which one I came from just yet (not that anyone even cares just yet either), because I have some thoughts to share about them first.

Some will say those who went to expensive universities to pursue a technical degree wasted their time and money, but I’m not sure that is the case. There are so many opportunities to participate in large projects at places like M.I.T, that you truly get that “real world” experience during your educational career. Those employers looking for real world experience would mostly not be let down hiring someone fresh out of one of these big tech schools.

From my experience, those who are self-taught typically fall on extreme sides of the spectrum. They are either brilliant to the point where you cannot teach some of the knowledge they posses, or they’re sitting in a suit and tie on YouTube, reviewing the new features of the latest PS3 firmware update.

As far as that “regular” IT degree, those tend to be the folks that are “good to go”. The ones who took their coursework seriously are usually ready to begin their career in most technology related fields, and will become experts with little guidance and experience. Point is, all of these paths get your mind where it needs to be to succeed in a tech related field. Ok, enough with the inspirational speaking.
I just want to provide some good reading, and good conversation with those that share the same interests in technology in general. I’ll write some topics geared for the consumer technologist, the IT professional, the aspiring technologist, and then probably a few others.

Given the relevance of the topic, I’ll start with an iPad review. I’m not terribly interested or disinterested in the iPad, but have a perspective that I have not yet seen voiced. So, this wraps up the intro. I’m going to start my review now. Keep checking back for updates, and feel free to comment however, and whenever you’d like! Thanks for reading so far!!

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